Appraisal of disease before birth will be possible in children’s: Genome

Appraisal of disease before birth will be possible in children’s

Karachi: More than 110 fatal diseases would be diagnosed through genome technology.

First time in Pakistan this genome technology has been introduced. With the help of this technology through the DNA of fetus in pregnancy more than 110 fatal diseases can be diagnosed.

This technique has been derived from genome technology. After a lot of struggle of experts now different diseases can be diagnosed during pregnancy with the help of genome technology. The basic aim of genome technology is to stop spreading fatal and genetic diseases. This technology has been used worldwide. Before birth disease includes heart disease, Liver disease, and skin and blood disease. With the help of genome technology 110 fatal diseases can be diagnosed in 10 days before birth.

This technology is first time introduced in Karachi Institute of Blood Diseases. With this new technique 550 genes DNA of genome technology which also known as NGS in medical term has been decoded which can cause of 110 fatal diseases can be diagnosed before birth.

This technology also helps in indication of terrorists and criminals.

Due to family marriage system in Pakistan genetically diseases are being transferring from race to race which results in fatal disease in children’s and they have to spend their life miserably. Average age of children’s having genetic diseases is 5 years after that they die fighting through these diseases

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According to Pakistan Government survey 40% marriages takes place with first cousin and 30% are on family and community basis this is the reason that children’s has to suffer with these fatal diseases.

What Invertor says:

The inventor of this new technology Dr.Tahir Shamsi said while talking about Genome technology and family marriages rate of deaths is increased in children’s due to genetic disease.

However diseases can be diagnosed in fetus before birth with the help of Genome technology. He also said first time in Pakistan National Institute of Blood disease introduced Genome Technology.


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