Men Would Have To Pay More If They Want To Enter The Centaurus Mall In Islamabad

Men Would Have To Pay More If They Want To Enter The Centaurus Mall In Islamabad

Keep in mind under great circumstances when a same shopping center in Islamabad used to be enjoyable to hang out in? And afterward the shopping center authorities stop that since it was escaping hands and individuals were going to the shopping center only to tour and “touring”, they ought to present a ticket/coupon? Presently, that same shopping center has concluded that they should build the coupon cost and make it non-refundable also.

Be careful, men, since that is gone for you, as it was before

The Centaurus Mall management appear to have chosen that the refundable coupons, which they constrained just gatherings of men to purchase, were not working adequately as anticipated. At the exceptionally introductory stages, a Rs. 300 coupon must be purchased by men just so as to enter the shopping center.

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That was reasonable insofar as individuals were going by the shopping center with a specific end goal to shop at outlets. The Rs. 300 coupon could be completely discounted in any store. In any case, the shopping center specialists may have felt this was not controlling the horrendous idea of men thus they chose that out of Rs. 300 just Rs. 250 would be discounted, implying that gatherings of men needed to pay Rs 50 for each head keeping in mind the end goal to enter the lofty Centaurus Mall.

Plan to Control Extreme Flow

Recently, this mall has come up with yet another plan to control the entry of dangerous men by introducing Rs. 500 tickets that are not refundable at all. People confirm that the ticket is very well, so Rs. 500 per head would have to be paid by groups of men who come here to harass the all-so-innocent women groups and families (pun intended).

It appears that ladies or females just gatherings will have no issue with this arrangement since now they will view themselves as protected and will positively not dribble over and stare at a rich person who can figure out how to pay Rs. 500 the same number of times as he needs. Congrats to the shopping center experts by disposing of bestial nature of men from the premises.


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