Haier Launches its Turbo Refrigerator Series in Pakistan


Haier is launching its Turbo series, its brand new refrigerator lineup in Pakistan. A total of 25 models will be available which meet all consumer requirements in terms of storage capacity, advanced features, innovative engineering design & technology, high end cooling performance and so on.

Here are some main features of this series.
Faster & Cooler Than Ever Before
The Turbo series is the fastest cooling refrigerator line up on the market today. Turbo series will take down the temperature to an amazing minus 25 degrees as compared to minus 18 which until now was the accepted industry standard – a significant difference of minus seven degrees. And it will do this in a speedy two hours, which is a full one hour faster than conventional refrigerators. Cooling efficiency and performance is further enhanced with Haier’s 5-way cooling system as compared to 3-way cooling of conventional refrigerators. Thick sides, with extra foaming, combined with super-efficient all round cooling throughout the compartment will keep food fresh for very long periods of time.

No Electricity? So, No Problem!
Best part of all, this Turbo series will start and perform at voltages as low as 125 volts and retain freezing temperatures for as many as 100 hours without electricity in case of extended disruption in the power supply or Electricity.

Ice on the Ready from This
Apart from storing fresh foodstuffs, refrigerators are expected to have ice on the ready 24/7. The Turbo series will provide solid ice within 2 hours, at least one hour faster than regular refrigerators. The topping on the ice is that the Turbo series will keep ice solidly frozen for up to 100 hours in case of complete power break down.

Electricity Bill Savings Also
The Turbo Series refrigerators actually pay you back the cost through significant savings in the electricity bill. Thanks to Haier’s market leading energy efficient technology, the company claims that you will save a significant 55% on the monthly operational cost of the refrigerator.


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