This Pakistani actress was almost kidnapped by a private cab’s driver

This Pakistani actress was almost kidnapped by a private cab’s driver

As far as the private taxicab administrations have entered Pakistan it has made our lives considerably simpler. Be that as it may, with that comes the security of clients and the drivers also. Organizations, for example, Careem and Uber have built up a gigantic market for themselves. Still we hear news identified with episodes that happen with clients or drivers via web-based networking media.

In any case, everything doesn’t generally go well. We do realize that the commanders originate from various foundations, they have diverse identities and nature, which is

A famous actress from Karachi faced just that. Nazish Jahangir Khan who has worked with HUM TV in the past, went through something regrettable. This is what she wrote on her Facebook profile:

Careem is not safe at all I had the awful incident yesterday and I am still in that trauma how they can hire such people ..person named with MASHAL KHAN..the time I sat in car his tone was chal k thora agy ajati hum tum logon k nokar nahi.

What Actually Happened

I was stunned yet as I was getting late from my work I asked him what’s off with you gari chalayain ap, and he began yelling on me and utilized oppressive dialect then it was something unique and I couldn’t control myself and I mishandled him back and requested stop the auto on ocean see. He bolted the auto and said I’ll take you to my sibling I won’t stop the auto.

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I pulled down the mirror and begin companion who lives on ocean see he was out on flag as of now he saw me he endeavored to stop him however driver crossed his auto and close to Burger King he halted the auto and fled towards dolmen his auto was there I was in it auto was all open. I called 1/5 as of now police came and everything except he didn’t returned for 3 hours. It’s not only a person got into mischief with me ..its more than that as he put my well being in risk… he endeavored to grab me and threatened me, it destroyed my trust on Careem. They shouldn’t contract such ignorant individuals. #Karachi”.

Important for Administration

This is something really serious and should be taken under consideration! Companies like Careem and Uber should inquire more while hiring captains!


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