Pakistan’s Newest Airline Air Sial is Ready for Launch

Pakistan’s Newest Airline Air Sial is Ready for Launch

Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry has taken another major step in the Pakistani aviation industry. The association was granted a commercial airline license by the CAA, helping it bring one step closer to launching a very own Air Sial, the newest domestic airline in the country.

Sources in CAA confirmed that the federal government approved Sialkot Chamber’s application for setting up a commercial airline. The Aviation division from the government’s Cabinet Secretariat issued the approval notice to CAA.

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According to sources, government approved the establishment of the new commercial airline after Sialkot Chamber was successfully able to build and operate a commercial airport in the city.

Requirements needs to be Fulfilled

Furthermore management of Air Sial will have to fulfill CAA requirements in order to obtain the air transport license. It will take at least 6 months to fulfill those civil regulations.

Air Sial will have to provide sufficient bank guarantee, professional management, details about the type of aircraft they will operate and other legal, financial and technical details.

Airlines In Present

Currently 3 private sector commercial airlines are operating in Pakistan – Shaheen Air International Airblue and Serene Air.


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