PML –N Govt added 31Billion Dollar in Debt in their Tenure

PML –N Govt added 31Billion Dollar in debt in their Tenure

Expert says that the value of Rupees will be decreased in upcoming days. More debt will be required for imports and debt payment. Upcoming Govt should adopt international investors friendly policy to increase imports and investments.

In the beginning on PML-N Govt tenure the debt amount was near 61Billion Dollar and in March 2018 debt is reached at 91Billion Dollar. So almost 31 Billion dollar debt added during PML-N tenure. The imports increased rapidly but  export did not increased during the PML Govt tenure therefore, Balance of Payment remained disturbed. This addition of 31Billino dollar debt is a record increase in the history of Pakistan.

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It is also added that rupees value against the dollar was Rs.98.55 and now its reached at Rs. 118 so in 4 year and 10 month rupees value decreased almost 20%.


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