PSX Ends Bearish Run as Benchmark Index gains 206 Points

PSX Ends Bearish Run as Benchmark Index gains 206 Points

PSX (Pakistan stock exchange) got rid from downfall. Business started with downfall and 500 points fell in early 15 minutes reaching the level of 42366.93 points.

Investors purchase in many departments including Engineering,Cement and Steel.

2260 companies have increase in their prices.1 billion and 100 million increase in market’s capital Bargaining of 1900 million rupees,

however the process of purchase started in the market and investors purchased freely in Engineering, Cement, Steel and other departments and it resulted the increase in Index gradually and at one point when benchmark PSX100 index touched 43627.86 and there was less sale, resulted the downfall of market and the business ended in positive zone and market remained in positive zone inspite of early downfall. It should also be noted during that during the first three days of business week, market was in pressure because of a resolution against Pakistan and fluctuating political situation. A hopeful news for Pakistan during this was the extension of two years  in GSP PLUS.

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However market was under the pressure of unstable political circumstances but there was increase in business at Thursday in market inspite of supreme court’s decision about Ex pm sparing him from president’s ship of ruling Party which is a sign of the ending of unbelievable situation of the situation being cleared.

Closing of Business Day at PSX

At the end of business day at Thursday PSX100 index touched the level of 43528.510 with increase in 608.73 points,1430.72 kse30 index reached from 409.97 to 21819.12,kmi30index reached the increase of 73224.63, psmkmi index was at 21503.28 having increase of 373.26 points,and PSX all share index had 31420.89 having increase of 396.48 points. Business volume was 1.38 5% more as compared with Wednesday and there were deals of 1900 million, 647810 shares. The increase in business resulted 1 billion 14 million and 94958858 rupees of market capital.During this business expanded to 361 companies in which 226 companies had increase in their shares, decrease in 119 companies and 16 firms had stable shares during business deal.


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