List of Only Safe Milk Brands to Use in Pakistan

List of Only Safe Milk Brands to Use in Pakistan

The PFA has released an updated list of companies whose milk products are healthy for use.

A year ago, remembering the wellbeing and security of public, Punjab Food Authority (PFA) gathered the examples of UHT/Tetra Pack drain items in March, August, and December, individually.

The PFA sent those examples to ISO-17025 Certified Laboratories SGS, PCSIR and Intertek with a specific end goal to check the nature of boxed drain based on synthetic, organic, and physical edges.

The research facilities led the investigation of different brands in light of the mentioned categories:

  1. UHT milk samples
  2. Samples of pasteurized milk

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Below is the list of milk brands which passed through the testing process.

Natural Pasteurised Category

  • Anhaar Milk
  • Daily Dairy
  • Doce Milk
  • Gourmet Milk
  • Nutrivo Milk
  • Achaa Milk
  • Adams Milk
  • Malmo Milk
  • Prema Milk
  • Pack Fresh

UHT/ Tetra Brands

  • Haleeb
  • Olpers
  • Nurpur Milk
  • Nestle Milk Pack
  • Nestle Nesveta
  • Day Fresh
  • Good Milk

The report said that PFA will direct at least four comparative example tests in 2018 as well. The expert will forward the examples to ISO Certified Testing Labs at whatever point required.

The Punjab Food Authority cautioned the drain pitching organizations to take after universal gauges while preparing the drain, generally, stern moves will be made against them.

The report additionally prompted people in general to incline toward handled UHT/tetra pack drain over nearby and open drain to dodge conceivable medical problems.


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