This Pakistani Startup is teaching Entrepreneurship to Children

This Pakistani Startup is teaching Entrepreneurship to Children

Entrepreneurship is gaining momentum in Pakistan and looking at this trend a Pakistani couple has established an entrepreneurial awareness and skills development program.

Badar Khushnood and Faiza Badar have developed their startup Junior Founder to teach the children about entrepreneurship and enterprise from the very early stages of their life.

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Badar previously worked as a country consultant for Twitter and Google. While talking to The Express Tribune he revealed that the traditional schooling in Pakistan is creating corporate slaves.

This startup takes the child away from the conventional method of schooling by teaching entrepreneurship and its various aspects.

Various courses taught by them include marketing, financials, writing, research, presentation, listening, creative thinking, problem solving and team building skills.

The program is built for children from 8-15 years of age. One of the biggest challenges faced by this startup is convincing parents to enroll their children in this program.

In our society, people are wired to follow the decades-old education system where children learn their books and courses by heart. Currently, there are many small schools operating country wide in small streets that hardly care about the quality of education.

Different mentors in their program include:

  • Umair Jaliawala, Director, School of Leadership
  • Haris Nadeem, Founder,
  • Saad Hamid, Founder, School of Skills
  • Hafsa Shorish, Program Manager, PlanX, PITB
  • Areej Mehdi, Research & Policy Strategist, MIT Enterprise Forum
  • Amna Tariq, Head of Marketing @ CricinGIF
  • Madeeha Hassan, Product Manager, Careem


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