Four Authentic Online Gateways To Receive Payment In Pakistani Bank

Four Authentic Online Gateways To Receive Payment In Pakistani Bank

Hey Pakistani Freelancers, Now there are “Four Authentic” Online Gateways To Receive Payment In Bank

Here, we are going to discuss what are the services or methods you can use to receive your payment on the internet and then transfer to your bank or debit card in Pakistan. I will give you a list of top four methods which you can use to receive your payments online, there are many other services out there which can also be used to receive online payments, but these four are widely used.

So to start with,


Payoneer is one of the online services which offers you a “MasterCard” and you can use that MasterCard to receive money from more than 900 companies around the globe. While it also provides you a US based bank account which you can use to collect payments from the online companies and later on you can withdraw your money by using your Payoneer “MasterCard”.

Funds can be withdrawn from selected ATMs in Pakistan i.e Faysal Bank, Muslim Commercial Bank and Askari Bank.

Some relevant things needed to be known.

A. Transfer rates

It must be understood and noted that Payoneer currently doesn’t support Pakistani Rupee as a currency, which means local bank in Pakistan will charge 3.5% currency exchange fee out of these funds as well.

B. Major Sites that use Payoneer

C. Is Bank Transfer Allowed?

Yes it is allowed. If you are signing up for a new Payoneer account, when you choose Payoneer as your payment option, you will see two choices:

  • Sign up for the Payoneer MasterCard
  • Sign up for Payoneer’s direct bank transfers

Just choose your country from the the bank transfer drop down list, click continue, enter the information requested, and you’re done! Payments will arrive directly in your bank account in your local currencies which you selected from drop down list.

D. Finally Signup Credit & Fee

Sign up for free and get $25 bonus when your account total transaction crossed $100.

2. Xoom

Send your money in seconds, reload mobile phones instantly, or pay worldwide bills etc. Whatever you want to do, you can do it all with self-confidence. You and your money are in good hands now.

People in USA and other parts of the world can now rapidly transfer money from their bank accounts, debit cards and credit cards to any Habib Bank Ltd, Allied Bank Limited, Bank Alfalah and United Bank Limited account in Pakistan.

Likewise some relevant things needed to be known.

A.  Transfer rates

Fee-free when you send more than $1000 and pay with a bank account.

B. Major Sites that use Xoom

  • Ebay(
  • Express(
  • Saks Fifth Avenue(

C. Is Bank Transfer Allowed?

Yes, Bank transfer is allowed by using these simple steps. It is supported by all the major bank in Pakistan.

  1. Simply go to this URL:
  2. Click on Send Money
  3. Select Pakistan as country
  4. Enter the amount of funds you want to transfer
  5. Enter your Credit Card/Debit Card or bank details
  6. You are done.

D. Finally Signup Credit & Fee

No Sign up fee, it’s free.

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3. Skrill/MoneyBookers

Skrill also called and known as “moneybookers” is the 3rd best method/service to receive/send/withdraw money/payments online all over the world. You just need to have a bank account, a debit card (ATM Card) and a postal address on which you can receive any document send by Skrill. So if you have above facilities then you can easily use Skrill in Pakistan and by this method. You can easily receive your money direct into your Bank account or your debit card. be noted Supported currency for Skrill is Euro().

You have to know about its relevant things which are.

A.  Transfer rates

Skrill normally charges from $3 to $20 for each withdrawal depending upon how much amount you are going to take out.

B. Major Sites that use Skrill/MoneyBookers

  • Vodafone(
  • Airtel money(
  • Mobile Money(
  • eZCash(
  • Smart Money(

C. Is Bank Transfer Allowed?

No, it is not allowed. One of the term and condition of skrill is below:

“We would like to kindly inform you that Skrill and PayPal are separate online payment service providers, whose systems are not directly connected, therefore, payments between them are not supported.”

D. Finally Signup Credit & Fee

You have to submit your order at website (signup), while submitting your order you need to select that which payment method you want to use to pay us PKR, After submitting the order we will provide you the concerned payment details, if bank, we will provide you our bank account, if EasyPaisa, we will provide you our CNIC & Cell# for easy paisa transaction.

After sending us payment successfully you will provide transaction details as will be asked by us, After receiving & confirmation of your payment we almost takes an hour to complete your transaction.

4. (AlertPay)

AlertPay can be used for receiving payments from clients in Pakistan too. It is a Payment method that is mainly used by Paid to Click (PTC), Paid To Read (PTR) and High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) type site. And more recently for multiple huge business and financial transactions across Europe and Asia (PAKISTAN). Funds can be withdrawn from selected ATMs in Pakistan i.e Faysal Bank, Muslim Commercial Bank and Askari Bank.

Also for this method, you have to know some things.

A. Transfer rates

With Payza, sending money online is always free. There are no activation costs and no yearly fees.

B. Major Sites that use Payza (AlertPay)

C. Is Bank Transfer Allowed?

Good news for everyone in the USA and to those who are already member of this, because the Bank Transfer are coming back for both Funding and Withdrawing. If you are an Alertpay member already more likely you are familiar with the ACH feature where you can withdraw from your Alertpay account to your Bank Account in a matter of days for only $0.50, that is a very less than Bank Wires which cost $15.

D. Signup Credit & Fee

Good news is With Payza/AlertPay, sending money online is always free. There are no activation costs and no yearly fees as well.

Final Words on Online Gateways:

All of the above mentioned companies are free to join and they don’t take a single penny for creating an account, while whenever you send money to someone or receive money from someone, they will cut their normal transaction fee which may be differ by each service provider, while most of the time they charge you 1% to 3% fee depends upon the total transaction.


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