Full Body Scanners Installed at Major Airports

Full Body Scanners Installed at Major Airports

Full body scanners at major airports of Pakistan has been installed by Airport Security Force (ASF). These scanners will help to enhance security and make searches easy and quicker.

First Phase has been Completed

According to officials of ASF, in the first phase, whole body scanners have been installed at Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore airports. These scanners will help ASF and other agencies to overcome the menace of trafficking drugs, and in curbing the smuggling of other contraband items.

ASF Deputy Director General Brigadier Imran ul Haq told the media that ASF has purchased these scanners for Rs. 150 million. He also claimed that they pose no harm to human health.

“These full body scanners are very effective and don’t have adverse effect on human health. After the installation of these scanners, incidents of hand-body search will be curbed, HE SAID.”

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Second Phase Updates

In the second phase, all the international airports in the country will be provided these full body scanners for whole body search.

Brigadier Imran Ul Haq further added that installing these scanners is part of the upgradation of airport related equipment. Under current circumstances equipment and weapon used by the ASF will also be upgraded.

These scanners will be operated by ASF but its maintenance will be handled by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).


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