If you had a dollar for you to spent playing a game on your smartphone, you’d probably going to be rich. And while the idea may sound too good, one Pakistani app is promising to deliver just like that.

AdBreak, developed by Full Brick Studios, is a smartphone game that rewards you with cash prizes and mobile top-ups – provided you make it to the daily leaderboard.

How AdBreak Work?
One gather points by playing any of the games available in the app. The higher you score, the more points you get for your daily score. However, you’re only guaranteed a prize at the end of the day if you are able to secure a spot in the top-ten list based on points.
Top three scorers receive cash prizes worth Rs1,000, Rs750 and Rs500, respectively. Meanwhile, the next 7 winners receive mobile top-ups of Rs100 each. Beside this, players will also be awarded surprise gifts based on various criteria such as longest gameplay and frequent gameplays etc, Cool isn’t it?

The app makers also don’t want you to be discourage if you don’t make it to the leaderboard as the board resets everyday, so there’s every chance for you to make it to the top 10 every day.

The studio behind the game is also planning to introduce bigger prizes such as mobile phones, motorcycles and more once the game gains attention and momentum.


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