Gen Bajwa will meet with India’s National Defense Advisor

Gen Bajwa will meet with India’s National Defense Advisor

A meeting is scheduled between Pakistan military leadership and Ajeet Dewal. Indian High commissioner and military advisor Brigadier Surash Rao has confirmed that this meeting will be happened on a natural venue in this year.

He also said that both countries try to maintain their back door channel connections. The recent relation on the working boundary is the sign of this relief which is created for this meeting. It is felt by India that Pakistan is a country with a strong army and strategy assets without setting with Pakistan it is not possible for India to control the south Asia region.

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It is also very challenging for Gen Bajwa to meet with Indian official because he is elected personal and he can’t meet with Indian president and prime minister due to protocols issues. Indian advisor said this is very important meeting and will lay down foundation stone for future of Indian Pakistan dialogues.


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