As the with deployment of new technologies and mass adoption of it, it is very clear mobile data is about to see a surge in usage. According to 2016 Cisco Mobile Visual Networking Index Forecast, the data usage will rise by a mammoth 700% over the next five years.

Mobile data will make up 20 percent of all internet traffic, notably up from its current figure which is 8 percent. The big share of that usage will be garnered from video content, which will see its consumption increase by 870 percent to 38 exabytes per month, accounting for 78 percent of all mobile data.

Adoption of live video, AR, and VR will help boost the medium, while the arrival of the 5G standard will encourage the consumption of data. The speed of the average mobile connection will rise to 20.4 Mbps, up from 6.8 Mbps today. Machine-to-machine connection will also represent 29 percent of all mobile data connections by 2021, while 4G support will be available to 58 percent of all connections.

The number of smartphones will rise from 3.2 billion currently to 6.2 billion by 2021, representing over 50 percent of all connected devices, helped by a combination of improved performance, networks, and lowered costs, which will help the rising middle class consumer consume more content.

However, the rate of the market’s growth will decline by then, mature developed markets. Phone shipments will likely reach 2.1 billion by 2021.

Lastly, to reduce the strain put on mobile data, cellular networks will increasingly turn towards mobile data offloading, which will swollen to 63 percent of all mobile data at the end of five years.

Via: Business Insider and Cisco


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